Created by ORDO and beskay

A collaboration of three European artists over five centuries.

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About the Collection

The FlemiCollection is generated out of 15 initial Flemish masks that represent ORDO's peculiar psychedelic style.

These 15 unique pieces of art are split into three layers: A top layer, a middle layer and a bottom layer. The three different layers are combined randomly, which amounts to 3375 interesting variations in total.

To ensure the permanence and accessibility of the collection it is stored on IPFS.


The Flemish masks originate from Flemish engraver Frans Huys (1522-1562). Huys is believed to have based these prints on original designs by the sculptor and architect Cornelis Floris (1514-1575). Floris himself is credited with inventing this particular Flemish version of the grotesque style in about 1541.

The Rijksmuseum has published high resolution scans of these masks, which our artist ORDO used to bring to life his own version of them.


The Flemi Collection will serve as a kick-starter for future development that the team has planned, including merchandise, comic books and partnerships with artists that share our vision.

We have already onboarded two more artists to start working on our next project, which will build on top of the FlemiCollection. All Flemi holders will be eligible to claim an NFT of that upcoming project for free.

For more infos, visit the website: The Unmasked

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 500 Flemis in total and each Flemi costs 0.05 ETH.

Our collection will be available to mint here on our website. You need to connect your MetaMask or Trust Wallet and set your network to Ethereum Mainnet. After you minted your Flemi, you will see it in your wallet and can trade it on Opensea.

Besides being an unique piece of art, a Flemi can be seen as an entry ticket to the Flemi Universe.

As outlined in the Roadmap section, the FlemiCollection will be a kick-starter for future development. By being a holder of the FlemiCollection you will be able to claim one NFT of our upcoming project for free.

No, some Flemis are rarer than others, although every Flemi is unique and special in its own way. These are our rarity-tiers:

  • Perfect: The 15 initial Flemish masks
  • Legendary: Flemis, where two out of three layers originate from the same perfect Flemi
  • Rare: The remaining Flemis

To ensure the order of the Token Image and metadata was set pre-mint, and was not manipulated, we calculated the provenance hash.

The provenance hash of our collection is:

For a detailed list of each SHA256 Hash, click here

You can buy merch at our Redbubble shop.

Please be advised that we are not looking to profit in any way from selling this merch. We've set a markup of 5% on all items so any small profit will go towards the marketing wallet.